surprise gift

There is a special ability or gift everyone has, even adults. Do you know what it is?

Why do some learners speaking English so amazingly?

You see them in class, or in the company meeting. They can speak English so fluently and naturally. Your mouth drops open and you are surprised just how great their conversation ability is.

Whenever we see such great speakers, we usually think this person has something special. Is it magic? Or maybe it’s the food they eat?

In English, we say ‘He is gifted,’ or ’She has a real gift.’

Some people say about Steve Jobs “He’s gifted in managing and building companies”, or about Lionel Messi “He has a real gift with a football.”

But is that true?

Well, they do have a special gift, but it’s greater than what most people think.

Also, and this is most important part, it’s gift that we are all are born with.
You have it. I have it. We all have it.

If we correctly use this natural gift we all have, we can be more than just an amazing English speaker.
We can also live amazing lives.

The Secret Experts Know, That Can Change Your Life

Anders Ericsson is the world’s leading scientist who studies expert performance. He looks at experts of different fields, and finds out exactly how they became experts.

In his book “Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise”, Dr. Ericsson wrote

… the clear message from decades of research is that…, the main gift that these people have is the same one we all have—the adaptability of the human brain and body, which they have taken advantage of more than the rest of us.”

That simply means, the main gift experts, and all of us have, is the ability of our mind and body to adapt and improve. What makes experts different is that they have taken more advantage of this gift.

So this is the gift, ‘we all have the ability to adapt and improve our mind and body’. It may sound simple, but this simple concept is where all expertise, mastery, and skill development starts.

Why Should We Use this Gift?

Speaking English is a skill. To develop a skill, the greatest factor to achieving your goal is ‘how much effort you make’.

This mean, how much you actually try.
‘How much you try’ is one of the few factors you can control.
How much effort will you make towards my goal?

It is dangerous to believe experts are ‘naturally more special’ without effort or ‘are born with expert talent’ without working. If you do, you may decide that you, your kids, a friend ‘don’t have it’ and give up.

When you give up, you don’t even try to go for your goal. And unfortunately, you prove yourself right!

This is one of the worst places to be as a learner; not trying because you believe you cannot improve or get better.

But that’s not what empowered learners do. We recognize we have the gift of improvement, and we get better.

How Can We Use this Gift?

So you know that we all have the gift to adapt and improve our minds and bodies.
How can we effectively use this gift to improve our English speaking, and other skills in life?

  1. Be Your Greatest Competitor.
    Competition with others can be fun, but always remember, your greatest competition is always yourself. In every study and practice session, compete with yourself to be better than yourself from yesterday.
  2. Set Your Intention on How You Will Improve.
    Before you study or practice, KNOW you will get better, and set you intention on how you will try to get better. Which area will you work on? If you make an effort in that area for today, that is what’s important.
  3. Stay consistent with your effort, preferably daily.

As a teacher, I KNOW, over a long period of time , ALL my students can get better if they put in effort and directed in the right way.

Disempowered learners don’t know or don’t believe this.

However, empowered learners like you believe this and know they have the gift. They use this idea ’their minds and bodies can adapt and improve’, and use it to their advantage.

If they are given enough time, empowered learners know, their bodies and minds will adapt farther and greater than anyone can imagine.